Modernising and upgrading the IT systems for the Vienna Insurance Group

Business Challenge

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is one of the leading insurance providers in Europe and incorporates such well-known brands as Compensa and InterRisk. As a key part of its growth strategy, VIG decided to conduct a large-scale update to its IT systems. The company was looking for a team of ten or more skilled software developers with experience in the insurance industry to support the development of their new Central Claims System. 

The company wanted its claims settling team to spend less time on tasks that could be automated and was looking to streamline processes like claims settlement and compensation payouts to improve their offerings.

Vienna Insurance Group

Implemented Solution

Within a few weeks, we put together a dedicated team of developers with extensive experience in the insurance industry and provided long-term software development support in multiple projects. 

We analyzed the business documentation and implemented a number of innovative changes including: 

  • Support of the Mobile claim handling web page 
  • Automating processes like compensation payouts, downloading data from the Insurance Guaranty Fund, and mobile data app sync
  • Integrating their damage management engine with the web app   

In addition:

  • We enhanced the system’s security by updating critical software components like Java and the application server
  • We introduced containers using the Docker technology
  • We cleaned the code and decommissioned legacy features

Results and Benefits

The system’s performance improved dramatically and, coupled with enhanced automation, resulted in less manual processes, higher throughput, and shorter claim settlement timeframes.                

With the updated technology, the company’s employees were able to manage claims more effectively, which has contributed to an uplift in the team’s morale and job satisfaction. 


Key Technologies

Java 8SpringHibernateJSFWebserviceRestServiceGitLabJenkinsDockerjUnitMsSQL

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