Road recording platform for smart cities with interactive maps

Business Challenge

Star ITS, a logistics company developing IT solutions for smart cities, needed a platform to easily create the records of public roads, road signs and road elements, along with related interactive maps. The software development company that was hired to complete the complex project needed extra people with the right skillset.

Transportation Infrastructure

Implemented Solution

For six months, the hired team of six developers worked on the customization of the legacy architecture to provide new features for the end customers. The platform was fully integrated with external WMS/WFS systems and included features like:

  • creating virtual road elements like intersections, pavements, road signs, etc. on an interactive map 
  • exporting maps to PDF files
  • displaying real photos of roads and their fragments. 

Results and Benefits

The client was very satisfied with Clurgo’s performance. The project was completed to a high standard, and the team’s skills and expertise contributed to the final outcome – a WMS/WFS-integrated platform for the easy documentation of the road network in Poland.


Key Technologies

Java 8Spring 4Hibernate 5PostgreSQLPostGISGeoServerMaven 3

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