Modifications for a web portal for a leading stockbroker

Business Challenge

Our client – a leading EU bank’s brokerage house – needed to modify their web platform to support a new stream of stock quotes according to the EU’s MIFID II directive. They also wanted to include a new group of customers already using their electronic banking service and upgrade their informational service to share the latest stock exchange news.

The whole project had to be completed within 3 months.

Portal MDM

Implemented Solution

The Clurgo team was responsible for implementing, testing, and deploying the changes in the client portal to support the new stock data format. Other requirements included:

  • Supporting a new group of users by implementing SSO authentication shared by the bank using 2waySSI.
  • Designing and deploying a service presenting the latest stock exchange news by category.

Results and Benefits

The system was adjusted to the new stream of stock quotes, which meant zero disruption and seamless compliance with the new regulatory regime. Additionally, the bank’s brokerage house got access to a new group of customers, which led to a substantial increase in revenue.


Key Technologies

JavaUTPGWTSpringJboss2WaySslX.509 certificates

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