CDRLoader system to streamline call data records process

Business Challenge

Fujitsu Technologies wanted to create a system to streamline the CDR (call data record) process – recording information generated by the IT infrastructure for billing purposes. The system was going to be used by one of the major mobile operators in Poland to manage millions of records.  

A major challenge before the Clurgo team was to create a fully reliable and  failproof system that would process each CDR only once on a very tight schedule.


Implemented Solution

For this project, Clurgo provided Java coding on a fixed-project basis. In the four months working on the project, our developers and system architects wrote and deployed a sophisticated system that read and processed flat files including CDR, then saved it to an Oracle database at more than 30,000 CDR per second.

Results and Benefits

The end client – a major Polish mobile operator – received a reliable system that increased the speed at which the records were saved to the database. Our developers were able to meet – and even exceed – the high requirements. The system has been operating reliably and consistently since 2015.


Key Technologies

Java 1.6AIX SolarisJNI Oracle DirectPath

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