Updating a consumer-facing web portal for users

Business Challenge

The Isobar advertising agency was seeking support to maintain and update the Spanish version of the Evax & Tampax website for Procter & Gamble. The website, targeted at the female demographic, includes product information, educational materials and videos, quizzes, and a period tracker.

Evax & Tampax

Implemented Solution

We maintained existing pages of the website, modified the user interface, and supported the related mobile app. Our work included:

  • updating the product offers on more than 200 subpages in two languages (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • implementing a new product review mechanism
  • enabling popup video ads
  • creating a new front page 

We were able to successfully complete the entire project in three months. 

Results and Benefits

We introduced essential changes that made the website more appealing and user-friendly while adjusting it to be consistent with Procter & Gamble’s overall brand marketing.    


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