Java B2B payment platform for enterprise customers

Business Challenge

Our Swedish client wanted to introduce a service that would make paying for goods and services easier for their corporate customers – the largest Scandinavian banks and financial institutions. The system’s goal was to manage purchase orders and payments, so the buyer would only get one invoice from a service provider (e.g., a taxi company, airline, or travel agent) within a certain period.


Implemented Solution

A number of Clurgo’s developers worked on the project doing all the development for the platform, along with maintenance and operations. The development was completely Java-based. We worked both on the back-end transaction processor and the user interface. 

  • We designed and deployed the system from scratch, based on client requirements. 
  • We built a scalable architecture.
  • The system includes universal Web Services/file interfaces which make it easy to add new external service providers. 
  • We implemented the necessary security measures to ensure user anonymity and data safety.

We have been continuously and successfully maintaining the system, rolling it out to additional customers, and adding new features for the past five years.

Results and Benefits

We created a system that verifies if users have the right to make a purchase from external providers, then automatically assigns the cost to the right project and cost center, and accurately calculates the commission. The system has automated and streamlined manual accounting processes for corporate customers. The end result has been better customer processing, higher profit margins, and enhanced customer satisfaction.  


Key Technologies

JavaRESTWebservicesSpringJavaScriptPostgresPrivate Cloud

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