Sales platform integration with payment terminals for a large chain of furniture stores

Business Challenge

Abra is a large chain of furniture stores in Poland. When they reached out to Clurgo, their electronic payment terminals in the physical stores were not integrated with their sales platform. The sales staff had to process card payments manually, which was time-consuming and unreliable, and caused problems with refunds.

Abra Meble

Implemented Solution

We delivered a number of key capabilities, including:

  • Modifying the existing system’s code to enable automated rather than manual processing of credit card payments. 
  • Implementing both credit card payments and refunds in the platform.
  • Expanding the administrative interface to connect payment terminals with points of sale.

We deployed all our modifications and integrations to production in less than three months.

Results and Benefits

The changes our team made contributed to a major improvement in Abra’s customer experience at each of their physical stores. It now takes less time to serve a customer at the POS, processing card refunds is much easier, and the risk of human error when processing card payments has been eliminated.


Key Technologies

Java 6RichFacesHibernateJSFJbossEJB 2.0MSSQL

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