An award-winning national traffic disruption platform for the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Poland

Business Challenge

There was a growing need for a centralized, national platform to track and manage traffic disruptions on national roads and motorways, providing data that external services and apps could rely on. The project was demanding and complex, and the requirements included the knowledge of integrating GIS interactive maps and the DATEX II interface.


Implemented Solution

We created the technical design documentation for the project from scratch. The entire solution included the implementation of 5 microservices based on the Microsoft Azure platform.

We created an effective, nationwide platform providing real-time information presented using:

  • custom interactive maps
  • Datex II reports based on the Web Services technology

Results and Benefits

The result of the project was the first web-based national platform that informed service providers, the media, and emergency services about traffic disruptions across Poland, which is one of Europe’s ten largest countries by area. The project brought the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Poland a European award for the best project/activity implemented by state departments, local governments, and institutions.


Key Technologies

Java 8SpringHibernateMsSQLGradleBootstrapOpenLayers OpenLsOpenLRWebservices

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