An international finance portal for corporate customers

Business Challenge

German digital banking solutions company, was looking for developers experienced in fintech to support their team working on this project – one of the world’s best corporate finance portals.  The product offers companies, banks, and service providers a central, domestic, and international online and mobile banking access channel with a convenient dashboard. 

As a complex, multidimensional IT system, this product had already been developed for years when we joined the project. Client needed a team of experts who knew how to work with complex secure banking software.

Finance Portal

Implemented Solution

We quickly delivered a team of experts who co-created and developed new interfaces for the product.  The scope of our work included, among others:

  • an innovative payment check management solution for American banks
  • services for delivering information and performing actions in real time (instant payments)
  • implementation of the PSD2 EU directive for European banking

Results and Benefits

Our work resulted in the simplification and automation of repetitive processes corporate clients faced. Today, the system can meet the expectations of banking app users in real time.

The client was extremely satisfied with the work done by Clurgo developers, and today this product is the biggest corporate banking portal used by leading banks all over the world.


Key Technologies

Java 7SpringJSFOracleReactJSTypeScriptHTMLCSS

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