Customer relationship management platform integration

Business Challenge

Our client, the largest digital TV platform in Poland, needed to modify their CRM system and integrate it with their newly built billing system. This engagement carried a broad scope and tremendous ROI. It also required software developers with extensive experience in building and integrating CRM and billing systems.


Implemented Solution

We dedicated six of our leading engineers to work on the project. The scope of their work included:

  • Modifying the CRM system to include customers that were migrated to the new billing system 
  • Modifying business processes to match the new integration architecture
  • Creating technical design documentation
  • Implementing modifications, migrations, and integrations     
  • Creating technical manuals and documentation
  • Delivering an end-to-end production-ready solution

Results and Benefits

Call center specialists can now centrally manage billing matters from their CRM consoles. Key business processes, including prevention, receivables recovery and complaints management are able to be conducted in a standardized manner across all customers.


Key Technologies:

Javawildfly 9SpringSpring-webmvcMSSQLHibernateFlex cxfjaxb

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