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Skilled Resources Dedicated to Your Organisation

We can work on your projects on an outsourced basis, or directly scale up your in-house team with our appropriately selected resources. We offer a wide flexibility to scale teams up or down on a short notice, and to retain remote engineers on a long-term basis if required. You can hire individual resources or an entire team of engineers. Using our resources can eliminate the overheads associated with recruiting, screening, training and retaining staff, whilst offering flexibility to adjust team size and skills focus.

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Hire Individual Specialistic Resource

Do you have an in-house team but are missing experts in certain technologies? You don’t have to spend time and resources recruiting new team members or training your existing staff. We can provide experienced specialists in the field – and provide their knowledge, skills, and expertise while maintaining overall engagement flexibility during the duration of your project.

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Bring On a Full Team

Work with a complete external team that will focus on developing, managing, and testing your project from start to finish, whilst you focus on operating your business. We can quickly provide a strong team who have an established working relationship and proven track record of delivering together. The team can start working effectively and efficiently right away and can deliver results much quicker than a newly built in-house team.

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Why use Clurgo for your next project?

01We have well proven engineering talent

  • We are experienced and well proven European software house. We hire and retain the best talent in the field. Our staff undertake thorough testing for technical skills, cultural fit, and multi-language communication abilities.
  • After joining, each engineer is expected to continue to develop his or her skills, through our internal learning and development programs, participation in external conferences, and engagement with the international software engineering community.

02We focus on long-term benefits and partnerships

  • Our goal is not to just be another vendor, but a true partner and advisor to our clients. We will make every effort to work with your evolving budget and time constraints at all times, and will aim to build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.
  • We will work closely with you to fully understand your needs and look for ways to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

03We are comfortable with English as a business language

  • We understand the importance of seamless communication, especially when resources are not co-located. All our engineers speak proficient English and they take on-going language courses to perfect their linguistic skills.
  • We work with many clients located in other countries, including the US, the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Israel. English is the language we use most frequently for our projects.

04We have the full spectrum of expertise

  • Our team is made up of business analysts, software architects, back and front end developers, and UX/UI designers, We also have QA specialists, system administrators, DevOps engineers, and project managers.
  • We can provide support in every component of the engagement where you may need it, and we also know how to work effectively with in-house or third party experts across every key software engineering area.

05We offer compelling value

  • We have a high performance team culture, where every engineer and specialist on our team takes ownership of his or her deliverables and is fully accountable for their quality.
  • Poland has one of the best economic climates of any EU country for cost-effective software development, with all of the EU’s regulations concerning data security, IP confidentiality, and contract enforceability. As a result, we can deliver Silicon Valley level software for lower than Silicon Valley prices.
  • Being in the centre of Europe we also enjoy the ease of international travel, and can support on-site meetings and resourcing as well as remote work.

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