A logistics system to automate operations at the Baltic Container Terminal

Business Challenge

The BCT terminal is one of the largest container terminals in the EU, handling a substantial proportion of international container traffic originating from or destined for European shores. The loading and unloading of the cargo to transport it on trains was a manual process at the BCT. This caused major issues, including:

  •      Lack of real-time information regarding cargo status
  •      Inefficient container allocation     
  •      Errors in transport documentation     

The BCT was looking for an IT development company with experience in TOS systems integrations to implement an end-to-end logistics management solution.


Implemented Solution

We created and implemented a centralized system for managing container loading and unloading. The entire system was built from scratch and the scope included:

  • Creating architectural designs
  • Building wireframes and mockups
  • Creating a domain model
  • Building out comprehensive tracking and management capabilities
  • Integration with BCT’s terminal operating system (TOS).

Results and Benefits

The entire process of loading and unloading containers on and off trains was simplified and automated with a centralized, user-friendly platform. Key benefits for the BCT included greater cargo throughput, significantly increased record accuracy, efficiency gains, and increased profit margins.


Key Technologies

Java 1.8SpringHibernateMsSQLGradleBootstrapOpenLayersOpenLsOpenLRWebservices

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