Software Development

From Idea to Reality

We are experts in the design and delivery of custom software solutions and have achieved remarkable results for a range of industries and companies, from startups to large-scale enterprises. We can deliver software that boosts performance, generates profit, enhances efficiency, promotes interoperability, or improves customer experience – whatever your business needs.


Our Approach

Analyze Requirements

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Design Architecture

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Build Software

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Establish DevOps

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Support & Maintain

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Why Clurgo?

01We are trusted experts in tried-and-true technologies

  • Our team is made up of 100+ talented, highly skilled, and battle-tested software development experts with years of experience.
  • We are experts in cloud technologies, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • We have experience with SOA and microservices
  • We have worked and integrated with a broad range of tools and frameworks, including Java 11, Spring, Hibernate, Jira, Webservice, RestService, GitLab, Jenkins, Docker, jUnit ,MsSQL
  • We use continuous delivery and integration, which enables us to build, test, and release software with greater quality and efficiency.

02We have a proven track record of being on budget and on time

  • We’ll make sure to work within your budget while always maintaining the highest quality and never missing a deadline.

03We work with a clear project schedule

  • We ensure full transparency regarding project status and use tools such as JIRA to provide you with line of sight to all tasks and deliverables.

04We support effective collaboration

  • We provide each client a primary point of contact, typically a project manager or tech lead, and multiple additional points of contact. You can always reach us and we will proactively keep you up to date on project progress, answer all your questions, and preview any next the next steps.
  • Importantly, we are used to working and communicating in English – our clients are located all over the world.

05We are agile

  • We follow an agile methodology, so we remain flexible and open to changes. That also means that you can adjust your business and functional requirements along the way.
  • We usually work in two-week sprints, delivering working capabilities for your project and demonstrating those capabilities for your feedback bi-weekly.

06You can count on us

  • We will support you through each stage of the the project, answering your questions, identifying potential risks, and proposing practical solutions.
  • We follow best practices, including the use of automated and manual tests throughout the development process to ensure on-going quality.
  • If you need maintenance after project completion, we can provide competitive service level agreements, including 24/7 support.

Key Stats

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Selected Projects



Over the years, we have delivered more than 200 software development projects for clients around the world. See what they say about working with Clurgo.

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