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The hiring process

An initial
phone interview

Stage 1

A technical

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The hiring process

01What does the recruitment process look like?

If we select your resume, we will invite you to an initial phone interview followed by a technical interview. We may also ask you to take part in a client meeting or a coding session.

02What does the interview look like?

The interview takes place remotely and takes about an hour. You will have a chance to speak with certain of our HR specialists and lead engineers. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about your experience and to evaluate your technical skills.

03When can we meet?

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Generally, we schedule interviews in the morning (8:00-9:00 AM) or in the afternoon (3:00-4:00 PM).

04Is the interview focused on a specific project?

During the phone interview we will ask you about the types of projects and technologies where you have experience and interest. If we mutually decide to move forward, we will seek to match you with a project that is a strong fit for your skill set.

05When will I hear back from you?

We follow up with candidates within 5 business days of an interview.

Contract terms and working hours

01What employment types are available?

We support employee, contractor, and temporary work arrangements based on your needs and our mutual agreement.

02What time will I be starting work?

This depends on the project and can vary. Our goal is to support flexible schedules while ensuring consistency across the project team.

03Can I work remotely?

Most personnel work at one of our office or client locations. Telework opportunities are available but depend on your tenure with the company and the project on which you may be staffed.

04Can I do overtime work?

We generally have opportunities to work additional hours if this is something that is of interest to you. However, we also want to ensure that our personnel are able to maintain an appropriate work/life balance.

Project work and extras

01What happens when a project I joined ends?

The company will staff you on another project that is commensurate with your skills.

02Can I change projects while my project is still in progress?

Generally this is possible and we will work together to ensure that the transition is managed appropriately to avoid any disruption to client work.

03Who will be my direct supervisor?

Your direct supervisor will generally be the executive project lead at your office. These are all seasoned professionals who have spent many years in engineering. They will support your staffing, tasking, and professional growth.

04What benefits will I get?

Regardless of the type of contract, each Clurgo employee is entitled to private health care, a Multisport card and access to paid English language courses. You can also use the Clurgo book library and take part in company sponsored conferences, trainings, and knowledge exchange meetings.

Interested in potentially working at Clurgo?

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