A programmatic ad placement interface for real estate agents

Business Challenge

Delta Projects is a full-service display, video and mobile advertising network that empowers companies to optimize digital advertising campaigns. The client wanted to create an REI system to automate and manage display ad campaigns for real estate agents on its demand-side platform (DSP).


Implemented Solution

We created a completely new REI system integrating real estate agency systems with Delta Projects’ DSP platform. The system collects property listing data from the source systems to automatically create display banner campaigns that can be set up and managed (start/stop/restart) in the DSP. 

We also created a mechanism that continuously feeds the latest data (images and text) into campaigns that are already running to make sure they are always up to date.

Results and Benefits

The client got an effective new tool and an incremental revenue stream focused on a key market segment. The system can be used to not only set up ad campaigns, but also to run statistical analyses that enable campaigns to be adjusted in real time for best results. 


Key Technologies

Spring MariaDBHibernateBootstrapJavaScriptBackboneMarionetteNode.js

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