Clurgo The Game, Vol. 2: Krzysztof Boczkowski, part 2

Why does time seem to accelerate as we age? One theory says it's because every new memory takes up a smaller portion of our whole timeline. A year for a five-year-old equals 20% of their life. For a 25-year-old, it's only 4%. Apparently, our memories get cheaper over time. Or do they? Maybe some memories are worth more than others no matter how old we are because they're linked to powerful emotions. We like to think that's the case with our Associates, for example Krzysztof Boczkowski, the protagonist of another Clurgo game, in which he remembers his career with the company. You saw Part 1 two weeks ago, now it's time for Part 2. And if you'd like similar memories, apply to us today through the Career tab in the menu.

4 October 2022


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