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20 October 2022

From A Gym To Clurgo: A Conversation with Łukasz Wełnicki

How he didn't get hired at a nuclear power plant, what gas turbines have to do with airplanes, why he didn't major in computer science, what karate and programming have in common, and how he went from a gym to Clurgo—this and more in an interview with Lukasz Wełnicki, Senior Java Consultant and Team Leader at Clurgo.

4 October 2022

Clurgo The Game, Vol. 2: Krzysztof Boczkowski, part 2

Why does time seem to accelerate as we age? One theory says it's because every new memory takes up a smaller portion of our whole timeline. A year for a five-year-old equals 20% of their life. For a 25-year-old, it's only 4%. Apparently, our memories get cheaper over time. Or do they? Maybe some memories are worth more than others no matter how old we are because they're linked to powerful emotions. We like to think that's the case with our Associates, for example Krzysztof Boczkowski, the protagonist of another Clurgo game, in which he remembers his career with the company. You saw Part 1 two weeks ago, now it's time for Part 2. And if you'd like similar memories, apply to us today through the Career tab in the menu.

22 September 2022

Clurgo The Game, Vol. 2: Krzysztof Boczkowski, part 1

Did you know that every time we retrieve a memory, our brain slightly alters it? That means our most cherished memories, the ones we relive most often, are also the least accurate. In this post, you can alter the memories of Krzysztof Boczkowski, our front-end developer. You'll get four chances to change his timeline. How much will you veer from the real one? Find out at the end!


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6 September 2022

This will make you a cloud migration champion: two secrets to success



30 August 2022

How to develop software more flexibly with hexagonal architecture


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14 July 2022

What were some of the highlights at Devoxx Poland 2022?

Let’s jog our memory: three weeks ago our developers found themselves in Cracow, attending the largest Java conference in Poland. If you couldn’t be there, don’t fret - we’ve got a short and sweet run-down for you: the three talks our team considered the most interesting.


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24 June 2022

Accelerate application development by deploying cross-functional teams using a micro frontend approach

Make your web app development sales-centered, more productive, and risk-resilient by borrowing the principles of microservice design from the back end. 


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2 June 2022

20 million claims a year, a claim every three seconds – insurance automation in action

You don’t need us to tell you that automation is the talk of the town in the insurance industry or that it saves time and money – after all, that’s what it was invented for in the first place. But perhaps you’re hesitating: is it worth the hassle? In most insurance companies, introducing automation requires major modifications to infrastructure, and the mere thought of it gives you a headache. Will it pay off in the end?


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19 May 2022

Clurgo The Game: Karolina Toczydłowska, part 2

Today's the day - it's time to find out what happens next in Clurgo: The Game. Recap included!


International Expansion Unit

12 May 2022

Clurgo the Game: Karolina Toczydłowska

Imagine Clurgo as a video game. Your character is one of our prospective employees. The objective? Get hired with us and go from Novice to Master.


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